Patient Education

Please read the document explaining respective instructions (pre operative and/or post operative) for the procedure you are undergoing. These are the same instructions already explained by your doctor and are meant for reference in case of any doubt. Please feel free to ask again if needed.

General Instructions Before Visiting Indiadens
Teeth Cleaning (Oral Prophylaxis)
Tooth Removal (Non-Surgical)
Tooth Removal (Surgical)
Minor Intra-Oral Surgery
Wisdom Tooth Surgery
Dental Implant or Peri-Implant Surgery
Laser Procedures
Root Canal Treatment (RCT)
Fillings (Tooth-Coloured)
Fillings (Fluoride)
Cap fixation (Crown and Bridge Cementation)
Nitrous Oxide Sedation / Inhalation Sedation
Pre-OP Instructions Before Nitrous Oxide Sedation / Inhalation Sedation
Sinus Grafting
Bone Grafting Surgery
Teeth Whitening / Bleaching
Osstem Implant
Dentsply Sirona Dental Equipment
Ivoclar Digital Dental Technology
Shofu Dental Products
Durr Dental
NovaBone Dental Putty
Geistlich Pharma
Nobel Biocare Dental Implant Solutions
Biolase Dental Lasers
Straumann Dental Equipment
3M Dental Products
Invisalign Clear Aligners
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