9 Important Points in Professional Teeth Cleaning

Why Teeth Cleaning is required?

Teeth cleaning is required as most of us lack adequate oral hygiene measures. This leads to formation of a thin biofilm called Plaque on teeth which contains bacteria in large quantities. This bacteria is responsible for causing cavities and gum diseases.

professional teeth cleaning

Professional cleaning helps in getting rid of this plaque and its more mature and hard form called calculus or tartar.

Procedures involved in Teeth Cleaning

Teeth cleaning involves scaling and polishing. During this procedure the dentist uses a specialized tool called scaler to remove the tartar, calculus, food debris from your teeth. An ultrasonic scaler is an instrument which purely works on vibration with a jet of water spray, so it does not harm your tooth enamel.

teeth cleaning procedures

In few cases, wherein patient has not got cleaning done for long interval and gum disease has become more severe, a deeper cleaning / curettage / flap surgery may be required.

We at Indiadens, use dental LASER (BIOLASE – USA) for gums treatment in severe cases which will yield a bloodless, stitchless site with faster healing.

dental laser gums treatment at indiadens dental clinic south delhi

Different Types of Teeth Cleaning

  • Scaling and polishing
  • Scaling along with root planing in gum diseases involving gum recession (i.e. gums are going down and losing its position)
  • Gum curettage
  • Flap surgery with or without bone grafting
  • LASER gum therapy (Most advanced treatment for gum problems and Available at Indiadens)

Side Effects of Teeth Cleaning

There are no side effects per se

  • But patient may witness mild teeth sensitivity temporarily
  • Mild bleeding during the procedure (while removing tartar from beneath your gums)
  • In case of gum surgery, stitches are given which are self resorbable
  • At Indiadens we use lasers which has a benefit of faster healing, a bloodless and stitchless site.

Myth related to Teeth Cleaning


Frequent dental scaling damages the tooth enamel: this is an absolute myth. Dental cleaning involves use of specialized tool which works on vibration and is used to remove hard deposits, calculus(tartar) from teeth. So it doesn’t damage teeth enamel.

How is Teeth Cleaning different from Teeth Whitening?

Teeth cleaning removes the external (outer) deposits formed on teeth surfaces such as plaque and tartar. Results are a cleaner teeth surfaces without any change in the basic shade of teeth.

laser teeth whitening by dr ujjwal gulati at indiadens dental clinic delhi

Whereas in teeth whitening different special laser activation gel is used at Indiadens to lighten the base shade of teeth. The basic shade of teeth changes upto 2-6 shades lighter, depending upon the patient factors, hence whiter teeth.

tartar on teeth - causes, treatment, prevention

How often should one get teeth cleaning done:

This is a very subjective topic, depending on patients oral hygiene, though once in 6 months professional dental cleaning is advised.

If oral hygiene is maintained well with proper brushing twice a day, and flossing, teeth cleaning may be delayed upto an year.

Cost of teeth cleaning

A simple scaling and polishing ranges anywhere between 1000-2000 INR.

However, any additional procedures required will depend on the severity of the problem and will be decided on clinical examination.

After care for teeth cleaning

There are no specific precautions per se, but the patient may avoid excessive hot or cold for 24-48 hours after teeth cleaning (as there may or may not be temporary sensitivity).
Patient can get back to routine otherwise immediately after teeth cleaning.
Medicated toothpastes, special toothbrush, and medicated mouthwashes may be prescribed (if needed)for 15-30 days

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