Orthodontic Treatment & Care at Indiadens Dental Clinic


By opting for orthodontic treatment, you have taken the first step towards achieving a well-aligned, healthier and more pleasing smile!

However, did you know that your compliance with care and efforts you make to keep your teeth and braces clean and healthy will be instrumental in the success of your treatment – whether you will be wearing traditional braces, clear aligners (aka invisible braces) or any other orthodontic appliance?

Throughout the course of orthodontic treatment at Indiadens in Delhi, India, your orthodontist will provide you with specific instructions for care and will keep you well informed as to what you can expect to feel with your appliances.

Always feel free to ask any questions at any point in time. The doctors at Indiadens will readily address all of your concerns.

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FAQs at Indiadens on Dental Braces and Aligners Treatment

Indiadens is a centre of excellence for dental treatment and oral and maxillofacial surgery procedures. It is one of the leading centres across DELHI NCR for Dental Implants, Smile Design, oral surgeries, dental lasers and cosmetic dentistry. It is one of the very few centres to be equipped with inhalational sedation facilities.

We come across many patients who are looking for smile makeovers, facial cosmetic procedures, alignment of teeth. Braces and aligners are also a part of treatment planning in many such cases.

We are listing a set of questions and answers which are very frequently asked by our patients.

If you are also curious about braces and clear aligners (aka invisible braces) and want to know what to expect on a daily basis from the overall treatment process, here are some of the questions we hear and our answers to them:

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Braces vs Aligners: Which treatment is best for you?

Are you currently weighing your options for the type of orthodontic treatment that you should opt for?

Do you want to improve your smile but flinch at the thought of getting metallic braces?

Well, the first thing to consider would be to book a consultation at Indiadens to get an expert opinion. It is one of the leading centres for advanced dental procedures in Delhi. You will be provided with first-hand information on your smile, the kind of treatment that you require, and the treatment options available for you. Meanwhile, if you need more time to take the decision, feel free to read a bit about the comparison of braces and aligners in the following text.

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What are Invisible Braces or Invisalign Clear Aligners?

Are you someone who is looking forward to getting a smile makeover but is also apprehensive of the discomfort and pain caused by the conventional braces or metal clips for teeth?

Have you come across the terms ‘Aligners’ and ‘Invisalign’ and wondered what they are all about?

Cost of clear aligners or invisible braces in Delhi at Indiadens

A lot of people are seeking answers to this question, so let us help you understand what is the big deal about aligners.

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