Few Common Dental Myths And Facts Regarding Oral Hygiene

Oral health is as important as your overall health. Good and proper oral hygiene is directly related to your oral and general health. There are many myths surrounding dental health and oral hygiene measures that are passed on by word of mouth. This is a small write-up to make you aware of the those myths and the actual facts regarding them.

bleeding gums

Myth: Do not brush or floss when you have bleeding gums.
Fact: Bleeding from gums during brushing or flossing is due to inflammation of gums which is because of the tartar build up. Discontinuation of oral hygiene measures is not a solution to bleeding gums. Rather one should get gums treatment done and continue with oral hygiene measures as advised by the dentist.

Oral Hygiene Facts - brushing hard

Myth: The harder you brush the cleaner and healthier your teeth.
Fact: Brushing too vigorously won’t make your teeth cleaner but it can lead to abrasion. Abrasion is the loss of hard tooth surface caused due to incorrect brushing which can lead to teeth sensitivity. When it comes to tooth brushing, the technique you apply matters more than strength.

dental flossing

Myth: Flossing can create spaces between your teeth.
Fact: Flossing doesn’t create spaces between your teeth. When you floss you are removing food debris lodged around your teeth and gums which helps to remove the bacteria and keeps the gums healthy. While you can experience gaps in between your teeth when flossing, the gaps do not occur because of flossing itself. Instead, gaps can occur due to flossing mistakes and improper flossing such as cutting your gums.

Oral Hygiene Facts - hard bristle toothbrush

Myth: A Hard Bristle Toothbrush Is More Effective Than A Soft One
Fact: A hard bristle toothbrush can be very abrasive on the tooth and it can cause removal of enamel or outer layer of the tooth when used for a long time. A soft toothbrush if used properly can be just as effective at cleaning your teeth without causing any risk of enamel loss.

teeth scaling

Myth: Scaling The Teeth Weakens Them.
Fact: One of the most common myths surrounding teeth scaling is that it weakens the teeth. Scaling does not weaken the teeth as they are already made weak by the deposit of elements like calculus and plaque. Scaling removes deposits from the teeth and gums which will remove bacteria and will keep the gums healthy. If the deposits are not removed and if it stays for longer time it is slowly going to make your tooth weak.

tooth scaling

Myth: Scaling Causes Gaps Between The Teeth To Increase.
Fact: When the gum disease is progressing at a moderate level, the usual gaps between the teeth get filled by tartar which forms on the teeth. After scaling, when the harmful tartar fillings are removed from the teeth, patients feel that the gaps between the teeth have increased. These gaps are transient and should go off when the gums take their position in a few weeks as long as there is no pathological migration of teeth involved.

tooth sensitivity

Myth: Dental cleaning can cause tooth sensitivity.
Fact: Dental cleaning or scaling is a noninvasive procedure done when there is excess accumulation of tartar on teeth. Calculus or tartar on the teeth forces the gums to recede. Scaling exposes areas of the teeth that were previously covered with tartar, thus exposing the tooth roots. This might cause temporary sensitivity which resolves shortly.

scaling virtually painless procedure

Myth: Scaling Of Teeth Is A Painful Procedure.
Fact: Scaling is a virtually painless procedure, with just a feeling of mild scrapping and vibrating sensation on the teeth when the ultrasonic device touches the teeth.

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