Ms. Megha Sehgal’s Dental Treatment Experience At Indiadens, South Delhi

Ms. Megha Sehgal talking about her dental treatment experience at Indiadens dental clinic, South Delhi.

Ms. Megha Sehgal, a business woman from South Delhi, has narrated her experience at Indiadens both in discussion and treatment stages in this video.

She was extremely scared of getting any dental treatment done, especially tooth removal and implant. Her implant surgery was performed by our Director and Head, Dr. Ujjwal Gulati. She was extremely comfortable. This also led her to win over her fear for dental treatment.

She has undergone dental implant, wisdom tooth removal, root canal treatment (RCT) and cap (crown) at our SDA clinic.

It’s such a pleasant feeling when we are able to deliver a comfortable and soothing experience of dental treatment to a scared and apprehensive patient.

Ms. Megha Sehgal's dental treatment experience at Indiadens dental clinic, South Delhi.

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