Beating Dental Phobia

Dental Phobia

Dental phobia is the fear of getting dental treatment done due to multiple reasons explained below.

Top 5 reasons for fearing the dentist:

  1. Fear of pain
    Past experience plays a vital role in inducing fear of pain. It may also be a result of the experience narrated by friends and family about their not so pleasant dental experiences.
  2. Fear of injections
    Local anesthesia is thought to be a very painful injection. So , a lot of patients just avoid dental visits so as to avoid the “initial numb shot” from the dentist.
  3. Fear of failure
    Some patients have developed a fear of failure of dental procedures. They tend to avoid dental treatment completely or just get the tooth removed, even in case of minor dental problems which can be easily treated.
  4. Feeling of claustrophobia
    Few patients have a feeling of being restrained or even drowning during dental treatment. Such feelings mostly originate from the apprehension for dental treatment.
  5. Feeling of embarrassment
    Poor oral hygiene or poor status of gums/teeth or bad breath may make one feel conscious or embarrassed about it.

Negative impacts of dental phobia on oral health

Research shows that anxious patients possess poor oral health in terms of decayed, missing, and filled teeth.

They are also prone to severe infections and complications resulting from neglected dental problems.

It is also observed that the dental treatment phobia ends up spending a fortune for complex and advanced dental procedures to eventually deal with severe problems in comparison to patients who are prompt in visiting the dentist as the developing problems are dealt at primary stage with basic dental procedures.

How is Indiadens a perfect clinic for such patients?

Indiadens, which is one of the best dental clinics in Delhi NCR, INDIA is unique in following ways:

  1. Team of doctors: An extremely skillful and experienced team of dental doctors led by one of the best dentists(Oral and maxillofacial surgeon) in Delhi NCR, India, Dr Ujjwal Gulati.
  2. World class equipment and infrastructure: Indiadens is equipped with state of the art armamentarium and infrastructure for the best possible dental treatment.
  3. Modern techniques of highly effective anesthesia: The protocols, techniques and anesthetic armamentarium is of international standards to render painless dental treatment.
  4. Inhalational/nitrous oxide sedation facility: Indiadens is one of the very rare centers in India and few globally to be equipped with inhalational/nitrous oxide sedation. It is a blessing for apprehensive and fearful patients.
  5. Soothing and relaxing interiors: The clinic is beautifully designed and exhibits calm and soothing interiors which keep the mind relaxed.
  6. Highly equipped minor OT: A highly equipped minor OT for all minor surgeries, laser dentistry, sedation procedures, emergency oxygen back-up is a USP of our clinic.

Following are the experiences shared by our patients who were extremely apprehensive before coming to Indiadens but their perspective about dentistry changed entirely after the immaculate dental care rendered by the team of best dentists in Delhi (India).

Apprehensive about dental treatment
anxious dental patient
amazing dental treatment
dental treatment done professionally
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