Mr Norman Byamukama – Wisdom Tooth Treatment Experience at Indiadens

Wisdom Tooth Treatment of Patient Norman Byamukama from Uganda

Here is another experience shared by one of our international patients. Mr Norman Byamukama from Uganda, an IIT student came to our dental clinic in South Delhi with terrible pain.

After clinical examination, we advised him for surgical extraction of his third molar. He underwent a painless and uneventful wisdom tooth removal surgery. He was extremely happy with the comforting dental treatment experience rendered by Dr Ujjwal Gulati and was also glad to see the infrastructure and international standards of the clinic.

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Ms. Nupur Dayal’s Cyst Removal Surgery Experience at Indiadens

Ms. Nupur Dayal Cyst Removal Surgery

Ms. Nupur Dayal visited our SDA branch. She had consulted many dentists and was very apprehensive regarding the suggested treatment. She was referred to Indiadens by one of her sisters. She met Dr. Ujjwal Gulati personally, who studied her case in detail and explained to her the current condition, proper diagnosis and treatment plan. She was convinced and relatively more confident about her treatment. She was a bit worried initially because of her previous dental experiences.

However, after the surgery, she was extremely happy and impressed by the meticulous cyst removal surgery done by Dr. Ujjwal Gulati. She had an uneventful and speedy recovery. She has shared her wonderful experience in detail here.

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Mr. Satvik’s Dental Treatment Experience At Indiadens

Satwik IIT Delhi Student shared his wonderful experience on wisdom teeth removal surgery by dr ujjwal gulti

Mr. Satvik is an engineering student in the premier engineering college of Delhi, Indian Institute of Technology. He had recurrent pain in his wisdom teeth which required a minor surgery for removal.

He approached Indiadens clinic, SDA branch and was personally seen by Dr. Ujjwal Gulati. He was operated successfully and recovered well. He has shared his wonderful experience here.

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Ten Common Myths And Facts Regarding Wisdom Tooth Removal

Wisdom Tooth Removal Indiadens

The wisdom tooth gets its name from the fact that it erupts between the age of 16-18 years normally which is the age when it is assumed that a person becomes wiser.

There are many myths about wisdom teeth and their treatment. These myths sometimes cause patients to make wrong decisions or delay treatment. This is sometimes very much harmful for the patient.

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FAQ’s on Wisdom Tooth Extraction by Indiadens Dental Clinic

Wisdom Tooth Extraction by Indiadens Dental Clinic Delhi
Impacted Wisdom Tooth / Third Molar

Wisdom teeth” is the common name for “Third Molars” present in our mouth. They are the last teeth to erupt in both the corners of our upper and lower jaws. They are a source of frequent problems in the oral cavity like recurrent pain, recurrent swelling, traumatic bite, ulcers and even cysts and tumours are relatively more common with wisdom teeth.

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