Ms. Nupur Dayal’s Cyst Removal Surgery Experience at Indiadens

Ms. Nupur Dayal Cyst Removal Surgery

Ms. Nupur Dayal visited our SDA branch. She had consulted many dentists and was very apprehensive regarding the suggested treatment. She was referred to Indiadens by one of her sisters. She met Dr. Ujjwal Gulati personally, who studied her case in detail and explained to her the current condition, proper diagnosis and treatment plan. She was convinced and relatively more confident about her treatment. She was a bit worried initially because of her previous dental experiences.

However, after the surgery, she was extremely happy and impressed by the meticulous cyst removal surgery done by Dr. Ujjwal Gulati. She had an uneventful and speedy recovery. She has shared her wonderful experience in detail here.

Wisdom Teeth and Cyst Removal Surgery

Indiadens is one of the leading centers for surgeries of the face and jaws with Dr. Ujjwal Gulati leading the team of dental surgeons.

INDIADENS awarded as “Most Promising Clinic of the Year 2020-2021” by Guident in India
Indiadens has been awarded “Most Promising Clinic of the Year” award for its international level infrastructure and protocols.

What makes Indaidens special?

  1. Highly skilled and experienced surgery team: The surgery department is headed by our Director and founder “Dr. Ujjwal Gulati”, who is one of the best Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon and is well-known for his proficiency in dealing with highly complex oral and maxillofacial surgery cases. He has been awarded “Best Dentist of the Year award” for his professional excellence.
  2. State-of-the-art minor OT: We have an in-house minor operation theater equipped with an ultramodern armamentarium to render the best treatment under ideal sterile settings.
  3. Inhalation sedation: The OT is also equipped with an inhalational sedation/conscious sedation/nitrous oxide facility for apprehensive/fearful patients.
  4. World-class infrastructure and equipment: The surgery department at Indiadens is equipped with ultra-modern equipment like atraumatic electric motors, piezosurgery unit, laser, and PRF(platelet-rich fibrin) centrifuge, etc. to give you the best surgical experience.
  5. Reasonable charges: The icing on the cake for all patients is that in spite of such high-quality standards in infrastructure and human resources, the cost of treatment at Indiadens is extremely reasonable.

This is why Indiadens is considered one of the best dental clinics in South Delhi for minor surgical procedures like third molar extraction. Another reason for Indiadens being one of the most preferred clinics in Delhi NCR (India) for wisdom tooth removal is the extremely reasonable cost of wisdom tooth removal in spite of high-end infrastructure, supreme levels of sterilization and the best of dental professionals.

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